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We empower health technology companies to realize their full potential to improve lives and reduce waste in healthcare.

Phase2 Health partners with a select portfolio of high-potential companies by assimilating into the leadership team to create a foundation for long-term commercial viability.

Our proven model offers Founders and CEOs an alternative to high-risk commercial leadership hiring at a time when capital and personnel resources are in high demand. We help them "cross the chasm" to a more stable stage of revenue generation when leadership hires can be made more effectively and fundraising (if needed) can be conducted on more favorable terms.

The senior leadership team that hires a new vice president of sales is often a collection of individuals with backgrounds in finance, marketing, and engineering. Since they often lack deep sales domain expertise, there is a higher probability that the team members will not select the right candidate for their particular sales environment.
— Steve W. Martin, HBR contributor, author, VP sales

Client Testimonial


900% growth

16 month engagement

Your model offered us the healthcare commercial experience we needed in a pivotal time. 

Phase2 has a nuanced appreciation for the unique challenges facing early-stage, founder-led sales teams and, in just three months, guided Agathos to a more refined sales process and customer understanding. Our sales capability is far richer now – and our board, colleagues, and customers all feel the difference.

– Andrew trees, Founder/CEO @ Agathos

Is my company a good fit for Phase2's model?

CEOs, founders, and board members often reach out to us when their company wants to:

1) Build or strengthen their commercial team
2) Shorten sales cycles
3) Explore and enter new customer markets
4) Explore and develop strategic partnerships
5) Hire a senior commercial role (VP or Head of Sales, Chief Commercial Officer, etc.)


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